Flower and Handicraft Show 2024

The Dilton Marsh Flower & Handicraft Show committee are pleased to announce next years show date and classes.
Save the date Saturday 27th July 2024 


It coincides with the start of the 2024 Paris Olympics and you will see that we have included a few references to this in the classes.
We are delighted to be offering more ‘open’ categories for people to share what is growing well in the garden and items that they have made. Hopefully the slightly later date and these open classes will enable our gardeners to cope with whatever weather we get next year!

We hope that by advertising the classes now you can use the winter months to create and plan ahead.
Here are the 2024 classes
Herbs, carrots, courgettes, a cucumber, onions, potatoes, radishes, runner beans, an odd shaped vegetable, display of seasonal vegetables, currants, raspberries, rhubarb, a display of seasonal fruit.
Rose, garden flowers, ‘a single bloom from my garden’, sweet peas, hydrangea and a potted fern.
Arrangement in a teapot, miniature arrangement, table centrepiece and a buttonhole or corsage.
Victoria sandwich, banana loaf, sweet scones, fruit pie, an Olympic themed sugar craft, a pot of jam, a jar of chutney and a bottle of cordial.
Handmade greetings card, an item of jewellery, a picture in any material, a small handmade item made of wood, a knitted or crochet item of your choice and an open class for any other craft ‘You made it, let’s see it’
Categories - sport, view from a window and colourful.
GROUP DISPLAY - Theme of ‘Sport’— a cookery item, a flower arrangement and a craft item.
UNDER 18’s
For children aged 5 and under - A rainbow from a paper plate
Anyone under 18 - A character made out of fruit and/or vegetables, a decorated pebble, a photograph on the theme of ‘Look up’.
More specific details will be available within the show schedule next year but if you would like any more details sooner please don’t hesitate to contact us.
07876 341865
Thank you